How Edtech Companies In India Are Transforming The Educational Landscape?

EdTech companies in India have emerged as trailblazers in the ever-evolving field of education, revolutionising both the educational experience and traditional teaching techniques. These companies are essential in offering cutting-edge solutions to satisfy the changing demands of institutions, teachers, and students as the market for online education grows.

Rise of EdTech in India: In the past ten years, EdTech companies in India have experienced a notable increase in popularity. These businesses have revolutionised the delivery and consumption of education, driven by advances in technology and the increasing accessibility of the internet.

NAVNEET TOPTECH: A Pioneer in EdTech, offering a range of integrated solutions for schools, NAVNEET TOPTECH stands out as a trailblazer among the top EdTech companies in India. NAVNEET TOPTECH covers a range of solutions related to education, from interactive learning technologies to learning management system, with an emphasis on using technology to improve the learning experience.

Student-Centric Learning: Student-centric learning strategies are given priority by EdTech companies. With interactive modules, multimedia material, and adaptive learning strategies, NAVNEET TOPTECH, online teaching platform in India, is made to accommodate a variety of learning preferences. By pairing up with traditional teaching methods, this move guarantees that students participate fully in their education.

Accessibility and Inclusivity: The democracy of education is one of the main benefits of EdTech in India. Leading companies like NAVNEET TOPTECH highlight the value of inclusion and accessibility. Students from all regions may access education anytime and from anywhere, thanks to online learning features.

Personalized Learning Paths: EdTech companies acknowledge that every learner is different. Personalised learning pathways are a feature of NAVNEET TOPTECH’s products that let students advance at their own speed. Using personalised learning algorithms, each student’s educational path is customised to meet their unique requirements by identifying their strengths and limitations.

Teacher Empowerment: In India, EdTech empowers teachers in addition to helping pupils. With the use of NAVNEET TOPTECH’s tools, educators may prepare lessons more effectively, administer tests in real time, and use collaborative teaching techniques. Teachers in the digital era may increase their influence by integrating technology into their lesson plans.

Interactive Digital Whiteboards: TopClass by NAVNEET TOPTECH facilitates digital classroom education. It enables teachers to use interactive digital whiteboards to demonstrate immersive learning materials and techniques. These innovative tools turn conventional classrooms into vibrant centres of learning. Lessons are made more effective and engaging via the use of interactive elements, multimedia integration, and real-time collaboration possibilities.

Data-Driven Decision-Making: Data analytics is used by EdTech companies to guide decision-making. With the use of data-driven insights into student performance, NAVNEET TOPTECH’s solutions enable educational institutions to make well-informed decisions on curriculum modifications, interventions, and overall instructional strategies.

Future-Ready Skill Development: As it is important that students develop skills that will prepare them for the future, EdTech companies prioritise holistic development. Offerings from NAVNEET TOPTECH go beyond the classroom, including knowledge of digital literacy, problem-solving techniques, and analytical skills to equip students for the challenges of the future.

Collaborative Ecosystems: In India, EdTech promotes cooperative ecosystems. Teachers, parents, and students can communicate and work together more easily, thanks to NAVNEET TOPTECH. A comprehensive learning environment is encouraged and the educational community is strengthened by this integrated approach.

Integration of NEP 2020 Principles: As EdTech companies align with India’s National Education Policy (NEP) 2020, NAVNEET TOPTECH ensures that its solutions reflect the principles outlined in this groundbreaking policy. The emphasis on skill development, holistic education, and the use of technology in teaching and learning aligns with NAVNEET TOPTECH’s mission to deliver all-round, cutting-edge educational solutions.

Adaptive Learning Technologies: Adaptive learning technologies are included by NAVNEET TOPTECH to meet the various needs of pupils. These technologies adapt the level of difficulty and the way that material is delivered based on the individual’s progress, understanding that every learner has a different pace and learning style. By ensuring that no student is left behind and that they may all master the material at their own pace, this adaptable method promotes a more diverse and successful learning environment.

Thus, EdTech companies in India, with NAVNEET TOPTECH leading the way, are instrumental in reshaping the educational landscape. A transformational educational experience is facilitated by the use of cutting-edge technology, personalised learning strategies, teacher empowerment, and an emphasis on developing skills that will be necessary for the future. EdTech companies will become more and more important in determining how Indian education is shaped in the coming years as the digital revolution proceeds. Visit their official website to learn more about NAVNEET TOPTECH’s revolutionary solutions.

HPE7-A07 Aruba Certified Campus Access Mobility Expert Written Exam Dumps

To achieve the HPE Aruba Networking Certified Expert – Campus Access Mobility Certification, it is mandatory to successfully pass the HPE7-A07 Aruba Certified Campus Access Mobility Expert Written Exam. To assist you in this process, Passcert has recently released HPE7-A07 Aruba Certified Campus Access Mobility Expert Written Exam Dumps that are designed to provide you with an in-depth understanding of the subject matter, enabling you to prepare for the exam in the most effective way possible. By studying these HPE7-A07 dumps thoroughly, you will be able to gain a complete understanding of the exam’s structure, the topics covered, and the types of questions you can expect. This invaluable knowledge will give you the confidence and preparation needed to succeed in the real exam.

Aruba Certified Campus Access Mobility Expert Written ExamAruba Certified Campus Access Mobility Expert Written Exam validates your mastery of HPE Aruba networking in a campus environment, covering primarily wireless networking but also aspects of wired networking. A knowledge of Campus switching is also required for this exam. The typical candidate for this certification is a senior Radio Frequency (RF) network engineer or solutions architect. The ideal candidate has 5+ years of experience with complex wireless networks, mastery of configuration, and troubleshooting.

Passing HPE7-A07 Aruba Certified Campus Access Mobility Expert Written Exam is required for HPE Aruba Networking Certified Expert – Campus Access Mobility Certification. This certification validates the highest level of expertise for HPE Aruba Networking in a campus environment, covering primarily wireless networking but also aspects of wired networking. Earning this certification verifies your mastery of campus networking with a specific focus on wired networking, including routing/switching, security, connectivity, performance optimization, and troubleshooting.

Why earn this certification?Differentiate yourself as a leader in integrating innovative HPE Aruba Networking mobile solutions.Position yourself as a master integrator capable of integrating large-scale HPE Aruba Networking mobile-first networking deployments.Demonstrate your ability to meet your enterprise customers’ needs and requirements.Enhance your career and job satisfaction as an HPE Aruba Networking Campus Access Mobility Certified Expert.

Exam InformationExam ID: HPE7-A07Exam type: ProctoredExam duration: 2 hoursExam length: 70 questionsPassing score: 67%Delivery languages: English

Exam Objectives4% Network Stack Given a customer issue, analyze a solution and troubleshoot

9% Connectivity Develop configurations based on customer requirementsApply advanced networking architectures and technologiesIdentify problem areas of a designDesign and troubleshoot device deployment

6% Network Resiliency and virtualizationDesign and troubleshoot mechanisms for resiliency, redundancy, and fault tolerance

10% SwitchingImplement, troubleshoot, and remediate Layer 2/3 including broadcast domains and interconnection technologies

25% WLANDesign and troubleshoot RF attributes and wireless functionsBuild a configuration based on customer requirementsImplement, troubleshoot, and remediate Layer 2 including broadcast domains and interconnection technologies

9% Routing Design and troubleshoot routing topologies and functions

11% SecurityDesign and troubleshoot implementation of security and concepts in customer networksGiven a scenario, troubleshoot wireless SSID with EAP-TLS Build and troubleshoot GBP

10% Authentication/AuthorizationDesign and troubleshoot AAA configurations based on requirementsCreate and analyze ClearPass integration

10% TroubleshootingPerform advanced troubleshooting and remediation of campus networks

6% Performance OptimizationAnalyze and remediate performance issues

Share Aruba Certified Campus Access Mobility Expert Written Exam HPE7-A07 Free Dumps1. A client connecting to a tunneled open network is receiving the wrong VLAN Your customer has a gateway and has sent over a packet capture from a switch port mirror taken from the upstream switch with a packet capture from the IPsec tunnel and the GRE tunnel to help Identify the VLAN being sent from the controller to the AP.Where will you see the VLAN assignment?A.The GRE tunnel will include the VLAN lag assignmentB.VLAN tag assignment win not he captured in any of the packet capturesC.IPsec tunnel will include the VLAN tag assignmentD.VLAN tag assignment win be included in the port mirrorAnswer: D

After onboarding three new AOS 10 gateways using the full-setup methodinto the same Central group, a customer cannot log in to one of the gateways using the HPE Aruba Networking Central remote console due to an incorrect password.A.The admin password created using full-setup does not match the global Central admin password.B.The admin password created during the run-setup process is not configured to allow me remote console accessC.The admin password created during the full-setup process does not match the Central group admin passwordD.The admin password created at the Central group level has expiredAnswer: C
Which statements accurately describe OSPF Graceful Restart (when the restarting router is able to Keep its forwarding tables across the restart)? (Select two.)A.The GR helper role is supported on AOX-CX 6100 switches.B.VSF Failover and Graceful-Restart require a VSF secondary member in the VSF stackC.Bidirectional Forwarding Detection for OSPF and GR are mutually exclusive features.D.OSPF Routers listen for Grace-LSAs on each network segment where there is an OSFP adjacency.E.You must ensure your VSF stack has a secondary member when acting as a GR helperAnswer: A, D
A network technician racked up two 9240 mobility gateways in a single cluster that will be terminating 1700 APs in a medium-sized branch office Next, the technician cabled the gateways with two SFP28 Direct Attach Copper (DAC) cables, distributed between a two-member core switching stack and powered them up.What must the network administrator do next regarding the gateway configuration to ensure maximum wired bandwidth utilization?A.Map two physical ports to a port channel on each gateway.B.Make an ports trunk interfaces and permit data VLANsC.Disable the spanning tree and allocate unique VLANs to each port.D.Manually set 25Gbps speeds on all ports.Answer: A
You recently added ClearPass as an authentication server to an HPE Aruba Networking Central group. RADIUS authentication with Local User Roles (LUR) works fine Out the same access points cannot use Downloadable User Roles (DUR).What should he corrected in this configuration to fa the issue with DUR?A.Add a new Enforcement Policy of type ‘’WEBAUTH’’on ClearPass and associate it with the matching service on ClearPassB.Add the correct IP addresses or IP subnets of the Network Access Devices(NADs) under the “Devices” tabon ClearPassC.Replace the AP’s expiree digital certificate using the “crypto pki-import pem serverCert” command.D.Add the correct values for “CPPM username” and “CPPM Password” m the authentication server configuration on HPEAruba Networking CentralAnswer: B
You are testing the use of the automated port-access role configuration process using RadSec authentication over VXLAN. During your testing you observed that the RadSec connection will fan during the digital certificate exchangeWhat would be the cause of this Issue?A.The RadSec server was defined on the switch using an IPv6 address that was unreachableB.Tracking mode was set to “dead-only”, and the RadSec server was marked as unreachable.C.The switch is configured to establish a TLS connection with a proxy server, not the radius server.D.The RADIUS TCP packets are Being dropped and the TLS tunnel is not established.Answer: D
A customer would like to allow their IT Helpdesk to configure loT devices to connect lo a single SSID using a unique PSK that other devices cannot use. Which solution would you recommend?A. MPSK AES with MAC AuthB. MPSK LocalC. MPSK AES with Cloud AuthD. MPSK AES with ClearPassAnswer: D
An OSPF router has learned a pain 10 an external network by Doth an E1 and an E2 advertisement Both routes have the same path cost Which path will the router prefer?A.The router will prefer the E1 path.B.The router will use Doth paths equally utilizing ECMP.C.The router will prefer the E2 path.D.Both routes will be suppressed until the path conflict has been resolved.Answer: A

Pharmacy Services for Dental and Oral Health in Kutai Timur

In Kutai Timur, access to comprehensive dental and oral health services is crucial for the well-being of its residents. While dental clinics play a primary role in providing direct care, the integration of pharmacy services has become increasingly important in enhancing overall oral health outcomes. This article explores the evolving landscape of pharmacy services tailored to dental and oral health in Kutai Timur.


1. Accessibility and Convenience


Pharmacies in Kutai Timur serve as accessible points of care for oral health products and medications prescribed by dental professionals. They play a pivotal role in ensuring that patients have convenient access to essential dental supplies such as toothpaste, mouthwash, and specialized oral care products. This accessibility is particularly beneficial for patients following dental procedures or managing chronic oral conditions.


2. Oral Health Education


Pafikabkutaitimur are trusted healthcare providers who can contribute significantly to oral health education. They can educate patients on proper oral hygiene practices, the importance of regular dental check-ups, and the appropriate use of dental products. This educational role helps empower patients to take proactive steps in maintaining their oral health between dental visits, thereby reducing the incidence of preventable oral health issues.


3. Medication Management


Certain dental procedures or conditions may require medications such as antibiotics, pain relievers, or oral rinses. Pharmacists play a crucial role in ensuring the safe dispensing of these medications, providing instructions on usage, potential side effects, and interactions with other medications. This proactive medication management supports the recovery process and enhances patient compliance with prescribed treatment plans.


4. Collaborative Care


Effective collaboration between pharmacists and dental professionals is essential for comprehensive patient care. Pharmacists can consult with dentists to optimize medication therapies, manage potential drug interactions, and address any medication-related concerns that may impact oral health outcomes. This collaborative approach fosters integrated healthcare delivery and enhances the overall quality of care received by patients in Kutai Timur.


5. Community Outreach and Awareness


Pharmacies can also serve as hubs for community outreach initiatives focused on oral health awareness and prevention. They can organize workshops, distribute educational materials, and engage with the local community to promote oral health literacy. By raising awareness about common dental issues and preventive measures, pharmacies contribute to improving the oral health status of the population in Kutai Timur.




In conclusion, Pafikabkutaitimur services tailored to dental and oral health play a vital role in Kutai Timur’s healthcare ecosystem. From ensuring accessibility to essential oral health products to providing education, medication management, and fostering collaborative care, pharmacies are integral in promoting oral health and well-being. By leveraging their expertise and community presence, pharmacists contribute significantly to enhancing oral health outcomes and overall quality of life for residents in Kutai Timur. As the landscape continues to evolve, the synergy between pharmacies and dental clinics will remain essential in achieving comprehensive oral health care for all.

Selling HPE Aruba Networking Solutions HPE2-W11 Dumps

To ensure your success in the HPE2-W11 Selling HPE Aruba Networking Solutions exam, Passcert is proud to offer you the most comprehensive and up-to-date Selling HPE Aruba Networking Solutions HPE2-W11 Dumps that are meticulously crafted to cover all the essential exam objectives, equipping you with the knowledge and skills necessary to pass your exam with flying colors. With Passcert Selling HPE Aruba Networking Solutions HPE2-W11 Dumps, you can approach your exam with confidence and ease, knowing that you have the support and guidance of our expertly designed study materials. Don’t leave your success to chance, choose Passcert and take your career to new heights!

Selling HPE Aruba Networking SolutionsThe exam tests the candidate’s ability to identify and qualify sales opportunities for HPE Aruba Networking products, solutions, and services. The ideal candidate is a sales individual who prospects, qualifies, and proposes HPE Aruba Networking solutions to help solve customers’ challenges. Examples of job roles include Account Executives, Field Sales, Inside Sales, and Sales Support.

Exam DetailsExam ID: HPE2-W11Exam type: Web-basedExam duration: 1 hourExam length: 40 questionsPassing score: 70%Delivery languages: Brazilian Portuguese, English, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Latin American Spanish

Exam Topics1. Trends/market context 5% 1.1 Describe the trends that influence HPE Aruba Networking customers’ buying decisions at the edge1.2 Discuss the initiatives and trends that apply to the different customer persona’s concerns

Customer business objectives 8% 2.1 Determine customer business objectives through customer conversations2.2 Identify customer business objectives based on persona2.3 Identify current challenges at the edge
HPE Aruba Networking strategy/where to play 17% 3.1 Articulate the HPE Aruba Networking strategy3.2 Map the HPE Aruba Networking strategy to customer objectives and outcomes3.3 Align an HPE Aruba Networking solution to the expected business outcome
How to win/competitive/winning strategy 17% 4.1 Compare and contrast HPE Aruba Networking’s value, solutions, and strategy with competitors’4.2 Describe how HPE Aruba Networking’s value proposition differentiates us in the marketplace
HPE Aruba Networking Value Proposition/HPE Aruba Networking ESP 12% 5.1 Articulate the value proposition of the HPE Aruba Networking ESP portfolio5.2 Articulate the components of the HPE Aruba Networking ESP portfolio
Selling Solutions 23% 6.1 Identify the features and benefits of the Unified Infrastructure portfolio solutions6.2 Demonstrate how HPE Aruba Networking helps resolves customer’s connectivity challenges6.3 Identify the features and benefits of the AIOps portfolio solutions 6.4 Articulate the value of how HPE Aruba Networking helps customers analyze and act6.5 Identify the features and benefits of the Zero Trust portfolio solutions6.6 Articulate the value of how HPE Aruba Networking helps customers protect their environment
Services/Support/Consumption Trends 18% 7.1 Explain why organizations are changing the way they purchase and consume IT services7.2 Articulate the value of how HPE Aruba Networking helps customers consume connectivity as a service to accelerate their business objectives7.3 Describe the features and benefits of HPE Aruba Networking support and services.7.4 Describe the range of flexible consumption services HPE Aruba Networking offers and the value these services provide HPE Aruba Networking customers and partners.
Share Selling HPE Aruba Networking Solutions HPE2-W11 Free Dumps1. You are attempting to determine if a customer might be a good candidate for WAN transformation with HPE Aruba Networking EdgeConnect. What is one challenge to which you should listen?A.The customer needs to improve security for microservices in the data center.B.The customer tried to implement location-based services in the past but found it too difficult.C.The customers’ admins struggle to manage wired and wireless devices together.D.The customers’ branch users experience poor performance for cloud applications.Answer: D

Based on recent trends, which common challenge can HPE Aruba Networking help customers overcome?A.Struggles in optimizing overprovisioned networks for a lower-edge device load.B.Difficulties making employees understand that it is impossible to access applications securely from home.C.Difficulties providing secure, consistent connectivity for remote workers.D.Struggles in accommodating the shift of data away from the edge to the main corporate data center.Answer: C
You think a customer might be a good candidate for HPE Aruba Networking EdgeConnect. You are having a conversation with two network admins, who are key technical influencers. What is one good topic to discuss with these customers, based on their persona?A.Why on-prem security solutions are superior to cloud-delivered security.B.The customer’s disaster recovery plan in case of widespread natural disaster.C.How much time they spend getting branch sites set up and troubleshooting issues.D.Why MPLS is a superior technology as compared to other WAN technologies.Answer: C
Which approach does HPE Aruba Networking ESP (Edge Services Platform) take toward network management?A.Providing many separate management tools, each specialized for a different customer requirement.B.Avoiding integration with third-party solutions so that customers receive a simpler, edge-to-edge solution.C.Prioritizing on-prem management, as it is the only way for customers to manage their network assets securely.D.Providing a unified platform from which the customer can manage all wired and wireless devices across multiple sites.Answer: D
What approach does Aruba Edge Service Platform (ESP) take towards IT operations?A.It applies machine learning to large data sets to identify issues and recommend fixes or optimizations automatically.B.It simplifies management by taking a one-size-fits all approach in which most settings are non-customizable.C.It relies on expert IT admins who work in specialized teams to manage their segment of the Aruba network.D.It uses a distributed analytics approach in which operators gain visibility into local issues.Answer: A
You are discussing a network upgrade with a mid-sized customer. The customer is worried about future-proofing the network. What should you explain about HPE Aruba Networking ESP?A.The customer will need to replace APs to migrate from a mid-sized to an enterprise architecture; however, HPE Aruba Networking offers buy-back incentives.B.HPE Aruba Networking makes it easy for customers to obtain enterprise-level features on existing switches; the customers must simply purchase Enterprise licenses.C.The customer can easily expand from a mid-sized to an enterprise deployment using the same HPE Aruba Networking Central management platform.D.HPE Aruba Networking can guarantee the customer access to future Wi-Fi standards through software upgrades rather than hardware upgrades.Answer: C
Which characteristic indicates a good opportunity for an HPE GreenLake for Aruba solution?A.Preferring to use network equipment beyond typical refresh cyclesB.Being focused on budget and price-per-unitC.Preferring in-house support and maintenanceD.Being under pressure to prove regulatory complianceAnswer: D
You are meeting with a customer’s Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) and want to open a discovery conversation about HPE Aruba Networking Edge-to-Cloud Security solutions. What is one topic you should discuss?A.How dependent the organization is on video conferencing and other collaboration applications and whether the CISO understands how to patch those applications’ vulnerabilities.B.How dependent the organization is on manually defined security policies and what risks the organization runs if admins make errors in those policies.C.Whether the CISO understands the encryption technologies that are improving security for modern wireless networks.D.Whether the CISO understands the value of a single-vendor, end-to-end security solution and is ready to commit to a single vendor.Answer: B